Is a child really indebted to his parents for his birth & life?

It is usual to hear the idea that children are indebted for their birth, their life to their parents. Sounds great, very emotional, but is it well founded? First let us consider the incident of a child being born. Did the child ask to be born? No. Where’s the debt then? Only in the case of an unborn child asking a man and a woman to give birth to him/her, can the idea of being indebted work, and that, as far as we know, cannot happen.

Now about the debt of life. After being born, did the child ask to be raised by the parents? It was the parents’ decision to raise the kid. Again, where’s the debt? In both the above cases, it was the parents’ wilful decision and not the child’s request.

There’s technically no debt on the child. And why do some people want to burden the child with the idea of debt, eternal debt, a debt as they say which cannot be paid back anyways? Should the child be good to his/her parents just because of being indebted to them? Or should there be something more to their relationship, like love?