My ideal world

Everyone has his or her ideal world, differing on one’s emphasis about what is the most essential element to one’s life. The thing on which I put the greatest emphasis is abstract, yet rational and is probably the real centre of our existence and growth.

My ideal world is a world where ideas are put at the centre of the whole view, irrespective of who produces them and how weird they may sound at that point. In that world, there wouldn’t be any fanclubs. There would be no allegiance to any person, group or ideology. There would be a true seeking of what is true, irrespective of how adverse would it be to one’s own agreed-upon opinions.

In that world, people wouldn’t be in a hurry to judge ideas, let alone judging people & situations. There would be an agreement on considering it a sin to jump to conclusions, and it would be the highest virtue to closely observe and analyse ideas without biases. No one would be rebuked for questioning the agreed-upon ideas some day. Where the lust for great ideas would never die, that is my ideal world.