Why hope is logical?


No matter how mindful are you of your present, the future is always a mystery. You never know what is going to happen in the next moment. The reason for this could be that for every one event, there are many influencing factors, some of which aren’t known to us. So it’s all about uncertainty. Some people could take it to the negative side & find even ‘life’ to be just on the edge of the tip of a mountain facing a deadly trench. This point of view could lead to mental disasters. One could lose much interest in life itself.

But there is another side of this uncertainty, that is the question of ‘what if something good happens?’. When it is true that we do not know what is going to happen in the next moment, why not think about there being a chance of something good happening? Both the views, the negative & this positive, are based on uncertainty. But there is a difference of effect.

When we feel to be on the edge of the tip of a mountain facing a deadly trench, life starts seeming as ‘not worth investing effort’. One becomes way too passive. Even though some bad doesn’t happen to him, his mind would make it appear as one. His creativity would drop down, and he being devoid of any good ideas, would eventually lead a miserable life.

On the other hand, with hope, he wouldn’t find life so worthless. This would consequently keep his mind open to new ideas & new opportunities, eventually making his life better than what it was previously. This is how our minds, brains, whatever you call them, are known to work. Negativity blocks our mind, blocking the probability of a better life. Whereas, positivism opens it. This is the logic behind hope.

We all utterly lack in the knowledge of the future, so better not assert about what’s going to happen, just await a surprise, a positive surprise. Do it because it is logical.

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