How to deal with sacrilege?


To a religious person, not only god but also anything that acts as god’s symbol or command is sacred. He makes sure that every such symbol and scripture is protected against any disrespect. This is the point where any religious person would lose his cool. And so, this is the point which is of the utmost utility to the political groups. These political groups or parties use multiple ways and means to divert people’s attention from the core issues, for example poverty, education, health, etc. They know that as long as these issues survive, they’ll survive, and as soon as these issues are solved, they’ll lose their existence.

So in order to keep these issues alive, they can either stop addressing it, or they can turn a blind eye towards the common man, or else they may use the best tool possible, that is religion. Religion is a life-saver for these groups. They take any incident or issue and try to find even an atom of religious-discrimination or sacrilege in it. If they cannot find one, they may create one, a bigger one, a more painful one. The guaranteed consequence of a sacrilege is that people get carried away very easily. Every one of them becomes the guardian of their religion, its symbols and scriptures.

How religious people react to such an event decides how successful the miscreants have been. The miscreants want people to be carried away, so that their attention could be diverted from the core issues. This time in Punjab, some religious protests led to traffic jams. What does it mean? It means people walked hand-in-hand with the miscreants as they helped them achieve their goal, that is unrest and diversion of attention from the most important issues. So it’s no use separating those protestors from the miscreants.

So how to deal with sacrilege in a smart way? Do not give a damn. Yes, that’s it. Next time such a thing happens anywhere, do not give your precious time & effort to it. Let the miscreants know that they have failed in creating any form of unrest and any diversion of attention. Let everything run smooth as if nothing of such nature has happened. Remember, it is the responsibility of the religious people to free their religion from political usage.

Going a bit into philosophy, ask yourselves, are you really a steadfast believer in your religion or not? Ask yourselves that is your religion so weak that it could be disturbed by such meagre incidents like those of sacrilege? Remember that you appear as a practical result of your religion and the god you believe in. The weaker you behave, the weaker your religion and your god appears. Stop adding fuel to the fire created for political purposes. Once the political groups know for sure that you cannot be carried away by such means, they’ll stop using religion for their narrow purposes.

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